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Chasing Heroine
Recovery Focused Podcast & Yoga

Information for Recovery Centers

I spent a lot of time in various rehab facilities and sober livings. A lot.

The heart of my messaging is guided toward those in early recovery and those who are currently in a program or sober living. The yoga classes are available for FREE online and can be taken at a convenient time for your clients or programming. I recommend using one of my classes as a group credit or as a weekend activity. The four classes included here are examples of how I conduct a step focused class, steps one through three are available here and on YouTube. I promote an abstinence, 12 Step guided modality for treatment, but all modalities of treatment will benefit from my message. Harm reduction, therapeutic community - all will find a quality message of hope and possibility in my classes. 

The recorded classes can be done on any device. I am also available to speak live and/or conduct a live class for your facility. I typically set up recovery centers workshops as three day weekends:

Friday  - evening 45 minute intro/share.

Saturday - an hour long morning yoga class focusing on movements incorporating the principles of steps 1-4, an hour long evening yoga class focusing on movement incorporating the principles of steps 5-8

Sunday  - an hour long morning class focusing on movements incorporating the principles of steps 9-12.

Please contact for rates and availability.

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